Alaskan Multiple Rainbows - Allen Roberts captured this scene at ~10 in the evening. He was at Tikchik Lodge some 300 miles west of Anchorage. The key to the 7+ bows is Allen's location between two lakes. A lake behind the camera (with some help also from the foreground lake) reflected the sun upwards to produce two extra skywards bows. The foreground lake made 3-4 more bows in the water. iPhone image in panorama mode. ©Allen Roberts, shown with permission
The two lakes reflect sunlight upwards to make an extra sun below the horizon. The two suns each produced their own primary and secondary rainbow.
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The watery bows are not reflections in the usual sense. Rainbows are not real and so cannot reflect.

Instead, a different set of raindrops have their rainbow forming rays reflected by the foreground lake.

The 'reflected - reflection bow' just visible at lower right requires two water reflections. Likely one from each lake!