Digging for Halos,  Finland
Imaged by Jari Luomanen (site) and Marko Riikonen (site) during a halo hunting session in temperatures of -24C on the night of January 2/3. Local lights are each topped by an intense and incredibly narrow coloured light pillar.   Images ŠJari Luomanen & Marko Riikonen as marked.

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Marko: "We had been driving around in the industrial area of Tampere for some while and Jari suggested we take a little break somewhere. For the location I suggested the place with excavators that we had driven past a couple of times. In case the crystal swarm intensifies we could get nice photos there. And that's what happened."

Jari: "The pillars were possibly the sharpest that I have observed. At times they exhibited staggering intensity. Furthermore, the crystal swarm was stratified into various layers and these manifested themselves as discontinuous shafts of light. Note that the pillars faithfully reflect the colour of the original light source on the ground: various bulbs give different colours."

The pillars of light are of course an illusion. In reality there are no upward shafts of light.  Instead they are the reflections of the ground lights by millions of ice crystals roughly half-way between the light and the camera. The crystals making this display were plates as evidenced by the absence of column crystal arcs near the lights themselves.

More of Marko's and Jari's images.