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Atmospheric optics

Sites change, are born and die. This is not a complete list.

   Descriptions - explanations - images
     Glows, Bows & Haloes - Richard Fleet
     Green Flashes - Andrew Young definitive account
     Optics of a water drop   Philip Laven
     NOAA Forecast - Auroral ovals & activity
     Polar image - Pekka Parviainen's definitive images
     Légköroptikai jelenségek
- Hungarian Observer Group
     Optics of the Atmosphere - Tomáš Tržický
     Kark Kaiser - NLC section
     Paraselene - Eva Seidenfaden
     Atmospheric phenomena and sky - Jari Luomanen
     Noctilucent Cloud Observer's Homepage  Tom McEwan
     pphv - Peter Paul Hattinga Verschure
     Weather Photography   Harald Edens
     Cloud Appreciation Society
     Atmospheric Phenomena
     Causes of colour - Dieter Zawischa

Wikipedia articles on atmospheric optics are of uneven reliability.