Optical effects, the interplay of light and colour in Nature, are everywhere. Optics Picture of the Day features and explores these effects with its sister site "Atmospheric Optics".

OPOD's format is a magnificent image with an accurate scientific description and explanation that often expands into other topics.

It is a rare privilege to get your images from around the world, to write about them and share them with OPOD's other readers.

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One or two hints - please read before mailing images
    Maximum 3 images - JPGs please. No ZIPs, RARs or RAWs. No links to large web archives for me to view.

Submitted the images elsewhere or thinking of doing so?   Please tell me. It is only courtesy. Would you like to waste two hours of your time writing an accurate explanation and making an attractive page only to have the its appearance pre-empted by the same or almost identical image popping up on another site and sometimes with poor science?   It is discouraging.

Publishing elsewhere does not stop an OPOD appearance. But please tell me so that I can plan!  What you are guaranteed on OPOD is a respectful treatment of your image, prominent credit, a thoughtful and accurate description/analysis and a permanent place in its galleries.

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Les Cowley

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