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 Hoar Frost Crystals, Finland

 Atomic Monochromatic Lights, Sweden

 Peculiar Supernumeraries, London, England

 High Sun Wegener & Parry Arc, Camaroon, West Africa

 5th Order Rainbow Discovery Image, New Mexico, USA

 Lunar Corona, Ontario, Canada

 Subhorizon Halos & Glory, Alberta, Canada

 Storm Clouds, Rainbows & Rays, Ohio, USA

 Strange Shadows, Finland

 Air Conditioner Plume Iridescence, Germany

 Reflected Rays, Kola Peninsula, Russia

 Discontinuous Bows, Victoria Falls, Southern Africa

 Iridescent Mountain Clouds, Czech Republic

 Airframe Induced Iridescence, London

 Wing Colours or Window? Brazil

 Of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Finland

 Alpine Mountain Shadows

 Venetian Antisolar Rays

 Eye Colours

 Pine Tree Oil on Lake

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 30, 2014, Russia

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 24, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 18, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd Order Rainbows, August 18, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, Paris

 Higher Order Rainbows

 Balloon Halos, UK

 Brocken Spectre & Glory over Veszprém, Hungary

 Subhorizon Red Bow, La Réunion Island

 Morning Run Glory, Belgium

 Rainbow Twinning, Norway

 Multiple Rainbows, Alaska

 Ice Skeins, Sweden


 Yosemite Halo

 Lhasa Halos

 Zero Order Glow, 1st & 2nd Order Bows

 Fogbow & Supernumeraries, La Réunion Island

 NLCs with a Difference, Sweden

 Bolide Halo, Brazil

 Subhorizon Halos, Texas

 3rd Order Rainbow, Germany

 Contrail Shadow, Virginia

 Yacht on Waterfall Sea

 Circumzenithal Arc in Contrail, England

 Finland 24 June '14

 Water Aureole, Scotland

 Many Ringed Corona, Croatia

 Namib Rainbow

 Nature's Spectroscope, Czech Republic

 Circumhorizon Arc over Solent, UK

 High Sun Halos, Texas

 Pollen Coronae, Russia

 Moth Silk Diffraction

 Sky Polarization, Golden Horn, Turkey

 Sprinkler Bow

 Athenian High Sun Halos

 Rainbow Twinning


 Halo Panorama

 Corona Australis

 Dandelion Diffraction

 Mount Hood Shadow Spike

 Mystery Pillar Echoes

 Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds & Rays

 Corona Rings

 High Sun Halos

 Rainbows & Tulip Field - - 1000th OPOD

 Contrail ice crystals, circumhorizon arc

 Pyramidal Crystal Halos, Estonia

 Moiré Patterns


 Contrail Shadow & Halo

 Caustics vs Lenses

 Sunset Glory

 How Far is the Rainbow

 Upper & Lower Pillars, Sweden

 Helic, Lowitz Arcs & Image Enhancement

 Pileus Clouds

 Ireland Aurorae

 Cloud Bow, England

 California Halos

 Outstanding Halos, Germany

 Sahara Dust Bishop Ring, Hungary

 Why do we see rainbows and halos

 Iridescence over Yunnan Observatory, China

 Toronto Halos

 New Brunswick, Canada Fogbow

 South Pole Halos

 Antisolar Rays - Finland, Norway, Russia

 Rainbow Spokes & Antisolar Rays

 Mushroom Spore Corona

 Low sun Parry & upper tangent arcs, Canada

 Not so common 22° halo

 Earth Shadow & Canary Island Telescopes

 Light Pillar Illusions

 Antisolar Rays & Moon, Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

 Pileus, Colours, Shadows

 Red Rainbows

 Fogbow, Supernumeraries & Polarization

 Ground Halo Spokes

 Swedish Cold weather Halos

 Sunset Rainbow, Puerto Rico

 Corona, New South Wales, Australia

 Halos Yellowknife, Canada

 Finland Halos

 High Sun Antisolar Rays

 Mont Blanc shadow and spike

 Nacreous Clouds, Sweden

 Frying Pan Optics

 River in the Sky

 Venus, 2-D & 3-D Diffraction Gratings

 Halo Night, Moilanen & Mikkilä Arcs

 Four orders of rainbow, Russia

 Fogbow & Glory

 Sea Water Bows

 Bernoulli & Kelvin Wakes

 Non-circular Coronae, Hungary

 Lunar Fogbow, Finland

 Mystery Streaks, The Netherlands

 Caterpillar Tents Dewbow

 "Anticrepuscular Lasers"

 Sundog or 22° halo

 Miraged Eclipse


 Spooky Coronae

 The Great Pumpkin

 Rock Pool Corona

 Rainbow Colours

 Rainbows, Ghosts, Metals & Mirrors

 Antisolar Rays, Bolivia

 Lunar Upper & Lower Parry Arcs

 Of Rays, Bricks & Crystals

 The many colours of airglow

 Flourescent Scorpions

 24° Column Arcs

 Cloud Shadows

 Circumzenithal Arc, Finland

 Small Moon, Giant Shadows

 3rd and 4th order rainbows, a sequel

 Rare Antisolar Halos, Gulf of Riga


 Shadow Hiding, Opposition Effect

 Strange Rainbows, NW Russia

 Tertiary Rainbow Hunting, NW England

 Hot Wall Lateral Mirage

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