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 Distrail, Germany

 Circumzenithal & Supralateral Arcs, England

 Infralateral & Circumhorizon Arcs, China

 Clover Opposition Effect

 Halos - Wroclaw, Poland

 Green Flash .. ..Up Close, The Netherlands

 Green Rim .. ..and more, The Netherlands

 Moondogs & Light Pillars, eastern Siberia, Russia

 Alaskan Fogbow, USA

 Rainbow Clouds, Washington State, USA

 Prairie Halos, Canada

 Baltic Halos, Estonia

 Lunar & Solar Pollen Coronae, Russia

 Siberian Subsun & Lower Pillar, Russia

 Cloudbow, Netherlands

 Sun Pillar, Canary Islands, Spain

 Tip Vortices, Sweden

 Brocken Spectre & Glory, Slovakia

 Fireweed Light Rings & Diffraction, Scotland

 Desert Fogbow, Arizona, USA

 Flag Corona, USA

 Long Lived Halo, Cheshire, England

 Not so Mundane Halo, Cambridge, England

 Kern & Lowitz Arcs, England

 Alpine Iridescence

 Door Prisms, Switzerland

 Opposition Effect Streak, Latvia

 Venus Aureole-Corona, Hungary

 Parry & Tangent Arcs, Florida, USA

 Mountain Shadow & Iridescence, Wales

 Lower Sun Pillar, Arctic Russia

 Airplane glory & 'Brocken Spectre'

 Royal Halos, England

 Mini Mirage, Scotland

 Rainbow Segment, New Zealand

 Halos at Whistler, BC, Canada

 Total Solar Eclipse Corona/Iridescence

 Solar Eclipse Corona

 Cloud Top Blue Flash, New Jersey, USA

 Glove Hair Corona, Hungary

 Montana halos, USA

 Time-Varying Light Sources

 Upper Tangent Divergent Light Pillars, Finland

 Water drops, Brazil

 Subsun, Idaho, USA

 Circumhorizon Arc over Mediterranean

 Miraged Moonset, USA

 Parry & Tangent Arcs, New Jersey, USA

 Kingfisher Colours, France

 Lunar Fogbow, Northern Ireland

 Dawn Red Rainbows, Arizona, USA

 Moilanen Arc, Utah, USA

 Sun Pillar, South Carolina, USA

 Clouds - Up Close

 Nacreous Clouds, Norway

 Divergent Light Superparhelion, Sweden

 Light Pillars, Arctic Russia

 Light Pillars, Finland

 Rare Halos Over China

 Fogbow, Brocken Spectre & Glory, Russia

 Ski Slope Halos, France

 Airglow Colours, Atacama Desert, Chile

 Snow Cannon Rare Parry Arcs, Sweden

 Air Painting, Sweden

 Nacreous Clouds, Norway

 120° parhelion, New Mexico, USA

 Sundogs & Subparhelia, Alberta, Canada

 Brocken Spectre & Glory, Brecon Beacons, Wales

 Drone Bows, Hawaii, USA

 North Slope Lunar Halos, Alaska, USA

 Auroral Colours, Iceland

 Snoflakes & Penny

 Lunar Corona, Sierra de Madrid, Spain

 Miraged Ships2 - Strait of Juan de Fuca - USA/Canada

 Smile in the Sky, England

 Autumnal Versailles, France

 Iridescent vs Nacreous Clouds, Brazil

 Worlds in Warped Water, Brazil

 Miraged Ships - Strait of Juan de Fuca - USA/Canada

 Mock-Mirage Sunset (video), California, USA

 Lowitz Arcs plus, Germany

 Halos, The Netherlands

 Frozen Dew Drops, Finland

 Hoar Frost Crystals, Finland

 Atomic Monochromatic Lights, Sweden

 Peculiar Supernumeraries, London, England

 High Sun Wegener & Parry Arc, Camaroon, West Africa

 5th Order Rainbow Discovery Image, New Mexico, USA

 Lunar Corona, Ontario, Canada

 Subhorizon Halos & Glory, Alberta, Canada

 Storm Clouds, Rainbows & Rays, Ohio, USA

 Strange Shadows, Finland

 Air Conditioner Plume Iridescence, Germany

 Reflected Rays, Kola Peninsula, Russia

 Discontinuous Bows, Victoria Falls, Southern Africa

 Iridescent Mountain Clouds, Czech Republic

 Airframe Induced Iridescence, London

 Wing Colours or Window? Brazil

 Of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Finland

 Alpine Mountain Shadows

 Venetian Antisolar Rays

 Eye Colours

 Pine Tree Oil on Lake

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 30, 2014, Russia

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 24, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, August 18, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd Order Rainbows, August 18, 2014, Czech Republic

 3rd & 4th Order Rainbows, Paris

 Higher Order Rainbows

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