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 Moon & Venus Pillars, Japan

 Freezing Bubbles, Slovakia

 Four Rainbows, Donegal, Ireland

 PSC Encore - Healing Ozone Hole

 PSCs & Ozone Holes

 Nacreous Clouds, Ireland & UK

 Nacreous Clouds, UK

 Nacreous Clouds, Ireland

 Frozen Bubbles, Hungary

 Lunar Elliptical Halo, Vermont, USA

 Firefly Bioluminescence, USA

 Moilanen Arc & Ski Resorts, USA

 Halos & How to Spot Them, England

 Town Map in the Sky, Finland

 Airglow over Atacama Desert, Chile

 Light Pillars, Inner Mongolia, China

 Sunvex Arcs, Finland

 Lake Baikal Moonbow, Russia

 Svalbard Mirage

 Sun & Moon Halos, Greece

 Samos Optics, Greece

 Earth Shadow & Belt of Venus, Sweden

 Aerial Corona, USA

 Parry & Upper Tangent Arcs, The Netherlands

 Cloud Shadows & Colours, USA

 Tilting at Clouds, La Mancha, Spain

 Lunar Circumhorizon Arc, Oregon, USA

 Jackson Hole, Wyoming Halos, USA

 Wyoming Fogbow, USA

 Vertical & Sideways Light Columns, Sweden

 Rare arcs cross-cross over Northern Sweden

 Swedish Halos

 Sunrise Green Flash, Taiwan

 Many Moons, USA

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