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 Shetland Halos, Scotland

 Eclipse reds & blues plus airglow, Chile

 "The Mississippi Triangle", USA

 Pasta Pan Films, Brazil

 Dogs, Pillars and Glitter Paths, England

 Night's Candles, Argentina

 120° Parhelion & Parhelic Circle. North Carolina, USA

 Parhelic Circle & Sundog, England

 Floodlight bows, Niagara falls

 Flight Deck Window Colours, Switzerland

 Zero Order Glow, The Netherlands

 Reflection Bow, Scotland

 Subhorizon Rainbow, Sweden

 Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds, Germany

 Water Aureole, Chile

 Tulip Field Bow, The Netherlands

 Blood Red Sword, Wales

 Circumhorizon Arc, California, USA

 Antisolar Rays, Cornwall, England

 Antarctic Lunar Halo & Snow

 Circumscribed Halo, The Netherlands

 Geyser Bows, Yellowstone, USA

 Distorted Glory, Beijing to California

 Wegener Arcs over Delft, The Netherlands

 Wegener Arcs & Parhelic Circle, The Netherlands

 NLCs, Denmark

 High Sun Halos, Athens, Greece

 Light Rings & Diffraction, Wales

 Subsun & Subparhelion, China

 Contrail Iridescence, New Jersey, USA

 River Ray Puzzle, Czech Republic

 Colorados rainbows & Supernumeraries, USA

 Distrail, Germany

 Circumzenithal & Supralateral Arcs, England

 Infralateral & Circumhorizon Arcs, China

 Clover Opposition Effect

 Halos - Wroclaw, Poland

 Green Flash .. ..Up Close, The Netherlands

 Green Rim .. ..and more, The Netherlands

 Moondogs & Light Pillars, eastern Siberia, Russia

 Alaskan Fogbow, USA

 Rainbow Clouds, Washington State, USA

 Prairie Halos, Canada

 Baltic Halos, Estonia

 Lunar & Solar Pollen Coronae, Russia

 Siberian Subsun & Lower Pillar, Russia

 Cloudbow, Netherlands

 Sun Pillar, Canary Islands, Spain

 Tip Vortices, Sweden

 Brocken Spectre & Glory, Slovakia

 Fireweed Light Rings & Diffraction, Scotland

 Desert Fogbow, Arizona, USA

 Flag Corona, USA

 Long Lived Halo, Cheshire, England

 Not so Mundane Halo, Cambridge, England

 Kern & Lowitz Arcs, England

 Alpine Iridescence

 Door Prisms, Switzerland

 Opposition Effect Streak, Latvia

 Venus Aureole-Corona, Hungary

 Parry & Tangent Arcs, Florida, USA

 Mountain Shadow & Iridescence, Wales

 Lower Sun Pillar, Arctic Russia

 Airplane glory & 'Brocken Spectre'

 Royal Halos, England

 Mini Mirage, Scotland

 Rainbow Segment, New Zealand

 Halos at Whistler, BC, Canada

 Total Solar Eclipse Corona/Iridescence

 Solar Eclipse Corona

 Cloud Top Blue Flash, New Jersey, USA

 Glove Hair Corona, Hungary

 Montana halos, USA

 Time-Varying Light Sources

 Upper Tangent Divergent Light Pillars, Finland

 Water drops, Brazil

 Subsun, Idaho, USA

 Circumhorizon Arc over Mediterranean

 Miraged Moonset, USA

 Parry & Tangent Arcs, New Jersey, USA

 Kingfisher Colours, France

 Lunar Fogbow, Northern Ireland

 Dawn Red Rainbows, Arizona, USA

 Moilanen Arc, Utah, USA

 Sun Pillar, South Carolina, USA

 Clouds - Up Close

 Nacreous Clouds, Norway

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