The Long Shadow
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The Long Shadow. Tony Cook (images) has waited for several years to capture this shot of the Earth’s shadow darkening our own sky and simultaneously shading the Moon 220,000 miles away. The low eclipsed Moon of Sept 7, 2006 is seen through our purple shadowed atmosphere with the pink “Belt of Venus” marking the shadow edge. The Northern portion of the Moon is deep in the umbra of the self same shadow cone extending far from the Earth and also way beyond the Moon.

[The] idea came to me a few years back when watching a near full moon rise in a strong belt of Venus. I honestly expected this one never to happen given that the number of suitable lunar eclipses was thin on the ground (unless world travel was an option - not) - it just turned out to be third time lucky. Mind you with all the Internet resources at my disposal yesterday, a 30 mile drive out to the North Yorkshire Moors [England] looked a good bet - flat horizon all round and promised clear skies shortly before sunset – hats of to the BBC weather site for that one as it happened just like that – one minute fair weather clouds everywhere, in next few minutes they thinned away and voila!

Image ©206 Tony Cook, shown with permission.