Lunar Halos imaged by Simon Lericque (atmospères, astro) in Northern France.  ©Simon Lericque, shown with permission.


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Top: A partial 22° halo competes with stars and earthly lights at Wancourt near Arras.

Left: On another lunation Simon pictured this 22° halo with the elaborate belfry at Arras. The belfry was originally built 1463-1554 but destroyed in WW1. It was rebuilt and with 55 other French and Belgian belfries is listed as a combined World heritage Site. Belfries were in several architectural styles Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Renaissance. Usually part of a town hall but sometimes independent structures.

Lower: The image nicely shows the delicate colours of the 22° halo. Only the reds are usually distinct. Other colours are overlapped and are pastel tending eventually to white (the '22° halo' extends outwards to 50°).