New Halo Book

A new book, "Halos - The optical phenomena of ice crystal clouds", authored by Marko Riikonen, a world expert on ice halos.

The cover illustration is an image taken by Marko at the South Pole during the outstanding display of January 11, 1999 and while researching halos. This is just one of the book's wealth of magnificent images.


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This is a beautiful book with a sensitive layout and artwork and with exceptional quality illustrations showing the subtleties and nuances of the originals.

Marko first introduces the variety of halos, talks of cloud types, ice crystal shapes and how they are oriented in the clouds and how to observe halos. The major section describes each of the common halos, the not so common ones, extreme rarities and many halo mysteries that have so far refused to surrender to Finnish halo enthusiasm and science. Each halo type is accompanied by several apt images, with crystal graphics showing how the halo formed and with clear computer ray tracing simulations. Some historical displays add to the mix. Marko is a meticulous observer and researcher and what he says can be relied on. The book is right up to date with the newest discoveries, artificial lamp halos, direct crystal sampling and more.

Beginners through to halo high priests will enjoy this book. Finnish helps but for those of us without it there is enough to beguile. This is going to be a classic.

Riikonen, Marko

"Halot. Jääkidepilvien valoilmiöt. [Halos. The optical phenomena
 of ice crystal clouds]." -- URSA, Helsinki, 2011

ISBN 978-952-5329-89-6    Paperback 168pp 210x248mm    In Finnish

TO ORDER online go to bookseller's English page Here    OR     publisher's site (in Finnish)