Scottish Halos ~ April 27, '13 saw widespread ice halos over Scotland. At top, James Riddell captured this serene 22° halo at Dunblane, Stirlingshire. More images and rarer halos below.

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Another image by Lesley Jennings showing the parhelic circle, a 22° halo and a 22° parhelion. Lesley took many images and some possibly show traces of Lowitz arcs.

There was also an outer 46° halo, but no trace of tangent arcs or other halos from column crystals.
A parhelic circle and magnificently bright 120° parhelion, part of an extensive display seen by Lesley Jennings near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire,

The 120° parhelion requires two internal reflections inside plate-shaped and oriented crystals. The brighter versions are probably the product of relatively thick plates or those of non-regular hexagonal form.