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 Tall and bright pillar, Barcelona, Spain

 Perfect Lower Tangent Arc, Italy

 Halos & The Myth of Ixion

 Florida Keys Sundogs

 Lunar Lowitz Halos, Finland

 Order from Disorder, Switzerland

 Light Pillars with a difference, Sweden

 Alamut Castle Light Pillars, Iran

 Greenland Halos

 Mystery Bright Spot, England

 1979 Lowitz Observation, USA

 All day halos, Sweden

 High Altitude Halos, USA

 Nova Scotia Halos, Canada

 Lower Parry Arc, Finland

 Circumhorizon Arc, USA

 Pillar, North Carolina, USA

 Parhelic Circle, three perspectives, Arizona, USA

 Above Horizon Subparhelion, Chile

 Bullet Rosettes & 22 degree Halos

 Lunar Halos, Illinois, USA

 The Elusive 120° Parhelion, The Netherlands

 Lowitz Arcs, France

 Moon & Venus Pillars, Japan

 Lunar Elliptical Halo, Vermont, USA

 Moilanen Arc & Ski Resorts, USA

 Halos & How to Spot Them, England

 Town Map in the Sky, Finland

 Light Pillars, Inner Mongolia, China

 Sunvex Arcs, Finland

 Sun & Moon Halos, Greece

 Samos Optics, Greece

 Parry & Upper Tangent Arcs, The Netherlands

 Lunar Circumhorizon Arc, Oregon, USA

 Jackson Hole, Wyoming Halos, USA

 Vertical & Sideways Light Columns, Sweden

 Rare arcs cross-cross over Northern Sweden

 Swedish Halos

 Lunar Halos, England

 Shetland Halos, Scotland

 Dogs, Pillars and Glitter Paths, England

 Night's Candles, Argentina

 120° Parhelion & Parhelic Circle. North Carolina, USA

 Parhelic Circle & Sundog, England

 Blood Red Sword, Wales

 Circumhorizon Arc, California, USA

 Antarctic Lunar Halo & Snow

 Circumscribed Halo, The Netherlands

 Wegener Arcs over Delft, The Netherlands

 Wegener Arcs & Parhelic Circle, The Netherlands

 High Sun Halos, Athens, Greece

 Subsun & Subparhelion, China

 Circumzenithal & Supralateral Arcs, England

 Infralateral & Circumhorizon Arcs, China

 Halos - Wroclaw, Poland

 Moondogs & Light Pillars, eastern Siberia, Russia

 Rainbow Clouds, Washington State, USA

 Prairie Halos, Canada

 Baltic Halos, Estonia

 Siberian Subsun & Lower Pillar, Russia

 Sun Pillar, Canary Islands, Spain

 Long Lived Halo, Cheshire, England

 Not so Mundane Halo, Cambridge, England

 Kern & Lowitz Arcs, England

 Parry & Tangent Arcs, Florida, USA

 Lower Sun Pillar, Arctic Russia

 Royal Halos, England

 Halos at Whistler, BC, Canada

 Montana halos, USA

 Upper Tangent Divergent Light Pillars, Finland

 Subsun, Idaho, USA

 Circumhorizon Arc over Mediterranean

 Parry & Tangent Arcs, New Jersey, USA

 Moilanen Arc, Utah, USA

 Sun Pillar, South Carolina, USA

 Divergent Light Superparhelion, Sweden

 Light Pillars, Arctic Russia

 Light Pillars, Finland

 Rare Halos Over China

 Ski Slope Halos, France

 Snow Cannon Rare Parry Arcs, Sweden

 120° parhelion, New Mexico, USA

 Sundogs & Subparhelia, Alberta, Canada

 North Slope Lunar Halos, Alaska, USA

 Smile in the Sky, England

 Lowitz Arcs plus, Germany

 Halos, The Netherlands

 High Sun Wegener & Parry Arc, Camaroon, West Africa

 Subhorizon Halos & Glory, Alberta, Canada

 Balloon Halos, UK

 Yosemite Halo

 Lhasa Halos

 Bolide Halo, Brazil

 Subhorizon Halos, Texas

 Circumzenithal Arc in Contrail, England

 Finland 24 June '14

 Nature's Spectroscope, Czech Republic

 Circumhorizon Arc over Solent, UK

 High Sun Halos, Texas

 Athenian High Sun Halos

 Halo Panorama

 Mystery Pillar Echoes

 High Sun Halos

 Contrail ice crystals, circumhorizon arc

 Pyramidal Crystal Halos, Estonia

 Contrail Shadow & Halo

 Upper & Lower Pillars, Sweden

 Helic, Lowitz Arcs & Image Enhancement

 California Halos

 Outstanding Halos, Germany

 Why do we see rainbows and halos

 Toronto Halos

 South Pole Halos

 Low sun Parry & upper tangent arcs, Canada

 Not so common 22° halo

 Light Pillar Illusions

 Ground Halo Spokes

 Swedish Cold weather Halos

 Halos Yellowknife, Canada

 Finland Halos

 Halo Night, Moilanen & Mikkilä Arcs

 Sundog or 22° halo

 Lunar Upper & Lower Parry Arcs

 24° Column Arcs

 Circumzenithal Arc, Finland

 Rare Antisolar Halos, Gulf of Riga


 Monnbows, Halo, Volcano, Stars - Hawaii

 Twin Sisters Circumhorizon Arc

 East Coast Halos

 Diamond Dust Subsun Video

 Cuba Ice Halos

 Scottish Halos

 Infralateral Arc

 Lunar Halo Display, Poland

 24° Column Arc, Poland

 Belarus Elliptical

 Hannover Elliptical Halo

 Doomsday Ellipse

 Pillars & Subsuns

 Circumscribed Halo, Ireland

 Circumzenithal Arc, Henley, UK

 Ground Halo, Norway

 1988 Lowitz Arcs

 Lowitz & Parry Arcs, Georgia, USA

 Light Columns, Hungary

 Oslo Halos

 Swiss Halos

 Sun Pillar, Norway

 Coloured Clouds, Poland


 Odd & Even Display

 Sweden Halos

 Peruvian Rainforest Halos

 Lowitz visits UK

 Queen of Halos

 Greenland Halos

 Alaska High Temperature Arc

 Tre Kronor & 22° Halo

 Siberian Optics

 London Paralympics Halos

 Lowitz Arc, California

 NW England Halos

 Ice & Water

 Antactica, 50 years ago

 Pastoral Paraselene, Shropshire, England

 Lunar CZA and Noctilucent Clouds, Germany

 Circumhorizon Arc

 Celestial Torc

 Halos - Greenland

 Canada Halos

 Rides & Halos on the Greenland Ice Cap

 22 & 46° Frozen Lake Halos

 Summer Halo

 Pillars & Subsuns - Germany

 Kievan Elliptical Halo

 High Sun Halo - Ecuador

 Subsun Streaks

 Sub-Anthelic Diffraction Pillar

 Lunar Elliptical Halos & Paraselenic Circle

 Lunar Halos

 Sub Horizon Lowitz Arcs

 NW England Halos

 Wales Mountain Halos

 Elliptical Halo & Moilanen Arc

 Lunar Alpine Halo

 Crystal Halos - Poland

 Sweden Halos

 Three Suns - Northern Mongolia

 Reflections on Sundogs

 Eclipse Night Venus Pillars

 Sun Pillar - Southern Urals, Russia

 NY Circumzenithal Arc

 Florida Halo Display

 Multiple Contrail Shadows

 Bouguer's Halo

  Lunar 22° Halo, Hawaii

  Greenland Halos

  Red Arrows & Shifting Sundogs

  Ice Cap Halos - Greenland

  Hungarian Dog

  Canine Skies

  Diamond Dust Lower Pillar

  California Halos

  Linear Hole Punch

  Upper & Lower Pillars

  Lunar Circumhorizon Arc

  Circumscribed Halo, Finland

  New Halo Book

  European rarity

  Hole in the sky?

  Circumhorizon arcs - Wisconsin

  High sun lower Parry arc - Florida


  Twin Halos

 Upper & Lower Sun Pillar

  Two Summer Arcs - South Korea

  Norway Sundog

  New Zealand Halos - To enhance or not?

   Winter Halos

   Diamond Dust Display

   Halos at 34000 feet

   Atlantic Ocean Halos

   Lowitz and Parry Arcs

   Swiss Diamond Dust

   Montana Halos

   Twin Crescents, California

   Calgary Pillars

   Alpine Sun Pillar

   Spanish Diamond Dust Halos

   Ground Halo, Germany

   Yosemite Lowitz Arcs

   Finland Elliptical Halos

   Light Pillars near St Petersburg

   44 degree parhelion?

   Swiss Alps Halos

   Cluster Crystals

   Red Upper Tangent Arc

   Winter CZA

   Greenland Subsun

   Swedish Rare Halos

   Manchester Halos

   Moilanen Arc, Switzerland

   Stockholm Dawn Pillar

   Summer Halo in Winter

   Avebury Halos

   High Sun Parry Arcs

   Oslo Rarities

   White Parhelion

   Greenland Ice Cap ~ Lunar Halos

   Thailand Pyramidal Crystal Halos

   Ottawa Dawn Pillar

   Vienna Sundog Twins

   All 3 Lowitz Arcs, Netherlands

   Contrail Parhelion

   Lunar Halo, Norway

   Belfry and Lunar 22-degree Halos

   New Mexico Pillar

   BC, Canada Lower Parry Arc

   Parry Kaleidoscope

   Prague Halos

   Dakota Badlands Pillar

   Lone Upper Tangent Arc

   Denmark's 1st August 2010 Halos

   Venus Pillar

   Rare for some - UK Circumhorizon Arc

   Oregon Rarities

   Perfect Circumscribed Halo

   120 degree parhelion

   Wales Pyramidal Halo

   Always search for it

   High sun parhelic circle

   Norway Boy & Halo

   Crosses in the sky

   Ireland Halos

   Welsh rarebit

   Swiss Halos

   Circumhorizon Arc

   Pelican Halo

   Bangkok Halos

   Circumzenithal & supralateral arc, Bulgaria

   Rio Halos

   Parry & Upper Tangent Arcs

   22 degree halo

   Complete Parhelic Circle

   Pillars Galore

   CZA, Australia

   Lone Arc - Norway

   Phone Camera Triumph

   New Hampshire Lowitz Arcs

   Lunar Elliptical Halo

   Bottlinger's Rings

   St Petersburg, Russia

   England Halos


   Hyperbolic Halo


   EU Halo Saturday

   Mars, Disk & Hole

   Russian Pillars

   Pillars at Trier

   Lowitz in Antarctica

   Moondogs & Mars, New Zealand

   Cheshmeh-Ali, Iran

   Upper & Lower Pillars, Norway

   Swedish Halo Display

   Sun Pillar, New Jersey

   White Dogs and Blue Spots

   Digging for Halos

   Nokia Pillars

   Digging for Halos

   90 degree arcs

    Vädersolstavlan, ‘Sundog painting’ Stockholm, Sweden

    Lunar halos

    Ribbed Halo

    Lunar Parry & Lowitz Arcs

    Two Arcs

    Sundogs - Nice, France

    CZA Moments - The Movie

    Circumhorizon & Infralateral Arcs

    Halley Halos

    Moving Pillar

    Virginia halos

    Very rare sub 120 parhelion

    Australian CZA

    Rare Lowitz Arc, Kiev

    Rare Halos at Zermatt

    Norwegian Halos

    Kievan Lights

    No Dogs on Beach (except Sundogs)

    Pillars & Columns

    Parry Arc

    Winter Halos

    Halos in cirrus fibres

    Last of the summer halo?

    Circumzenithal Arc, Sussex

    Venetian Pyramids

    Floridian Pyramids

    Europe's rare halo

    Two of the rarest halos

    Pillars & Crystals

    Elusive Parhelia

    Stone Ships & Halos

    Hole Punch Cloud & Halo

    Zenith Pointers

    Korea Halos

    Athens & Halos

    Pyramidal Crystal Plate Arcs

    Lake Reflections

    Rare Norway Display

    CHAs & Latitude

    Colorado Circumzenithall Arc

    Sign of Summer

    All in a Day

    California Halos

    Brazil Halos

    Odd & Even

    End faces

    Shetland Pyramids

    4 out of 5

    Snake Valley Halo

    Lunar Halo

    Pillars of Venus

    Lowitz Arcs over Portugal

    Pillars with Flares - Part 2

    Subhorizon Arcs, Odd and Even Reflections

    Extremely rare 44 degree parhelia (sundogs)

    Swedish Reflected Lowitz Arcs

    Pillars with Flares - Part 1

    Wendelstein Halo

   South Pole Midsummer

    Solstice Halos

    CZA Australia

    Boston Pillar

    Lunar Halos

    More New halos

    New Halo

    Mt Wendelstein Elliptical Halo

    Elliptical Halo

    Pennsylvania lights

    Lamp halos - Anthelic Sky

    Halos in a bottle

    Eye in the sky, Parry arc

    Summer Reminder - November '08

    Coloured 120° Parhelia

    White Parhelia

    Moonlight CZA

    Hole in the Sky

    46° Arcs

    Lunar CZA


    Parry Arcs

    North Cascades Subsun,

    Brazil Arcs

    Arctic Halos

    Mountain Halos

    Winter Ice

    Desert Pillar

    Midwest Subsun

    Montana Pyramids

     Tales of subsun tails

    Summer Ice

    Sun and Antisun

    Halo pair

    Beneath the stars

    Polish Wegener Arcs

    Elusive Circle

     Tower Halo

    60 and 90 degree prisms in Antarctica

    22° or circumscribed halo?

    High Sun Halos

    Summer Arc

    New York Circumzenithal Arc ... May '08

    Halos ~ Colorado Rockies

    Lowitz Arc, Israel

    High Sun Halos, Israel

    Antisolar Arcs

    Halos & Ra

    Pyramid Crystal Halos

    Below Horizon Halos

    Circumzenithal Arc, Russia

    Easter Halos

    Winter Halos

    Arizona Moon Dogs ... March '08

    Sunset Pillar

    Diamond Dust Halos